Registered Investment Advisors
Corporate Retirement Plans
We obsess over investment performance and fee collection as a matter of course, with an emphasis on high quality investment research, thus delivering industry leading Fiduciary Services.
Building quality investment menus for plan sponsors while offering the protections of a sound ERISA Fiduciary contract
We provide a variety of institutional investment consulting services to retirement plan sponsors. We have investment expertise in the areas of asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction. Our team applies its investment expertise to build, manage, and monitor investment lineups that help plan sponsors fulfill their ERISA obligations. Furthermore, the advisors at our firm offer all types of Non-Discretionary (ERISA 3(21)) and Discretionary (ERISA 3(38)) Consulting arrangements with the aim of being as flexible as necessary to meet the best interests of any particular plan sponsor.
What We Deliver
Constant changes to regulations leave plan fiduciaries with a growing list of challenges. These burdens increase the risk of fiduciary breaches and subsequent litigation. Old Slip Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) will seek to mitigate to a great degree litigation risk and in some instances eliminate the risk of these burdens.

Old Slip RIA offers Fiduciary Consulting and Governance solutions. This Fiduciary Service is powered by a professional team of objective experts that work with you to develop a customized solution that meets your plan's specific fiduciary requirements. In this way investment committees can achieve one of the highest levels of fiduciary security, exactly what is needed in today's litigious environment.

Our experience makes us an industry leader. We seek to deliver tangible and positive results to meet or exceed client objectives, while striving to provide fiduciary protection planning.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our corporate culture and remains as the foundation of our firm.  From the onset of our practice we have adopted an independent business model because it serves our clients’ best interests.

Fiduciary Consultancy
Fiduciary Process Management​
  • Investment Fiduciary Service

  • Fiduciary and Participant Education

  • Committee Meetings

  • Meeting Agenda & Minutes

  • Online Fiduciary Briefcase and Enterprise level security cloud storage of all pertinent steward/plan documentation and plan investment analysis quarterly.

  • Regulatory and Market Updates

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • Educational Policy Statement (EPS)

  • Investment Oversight Committee Charter

  • Performance Review/Monitoring

  • Investment Manager Search and Compliance

  • Asset Allocation Analysis

  • Investment Menu Fund Selection/Design & Review

  • Asset Liability Study

  • Investment Alerts and Research

Fiduciary Oversight of Provider Services
  • Plan Benchmarking

  • Fee Benchmarking yearly

  • Plan Design Evaluation and Monitoring

  • Service Provider Issue Resolution

  • Trust and Custodian Search/Monitoring

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